Monday, March 30, 2009

Beautiful Batanes Isles

This is a song I learned when I was still in grade school (circa 1980's). It is usually sung during the provincial sports fest also known as Provincial Meet, wherein athletes from the 6 municipalities converge in Basco to compete in different sports events.

Here it goes :)

Beautiful Batanes Isles

Beautiful Batanes Isles
Itbayat, Batan, Sabtang
Beautiful Batanes Isles
Beloved home Batanes Isles

I. Sunkissed islands of Luzon
Breeze caressed by orient seas
Northern door open to all
Is a home land dear to me

II. Forlorn country though they say
Orphan of the motherland
Far away by air and sea
But a home dear home to me

III. Mighty waves and thunder storm
Heavy clouds and stormy skies
All of this may come my way
Still I strive for love of thee

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